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Greece Yoga Adventure Retreat
June 6-14, 2020, 8 nights / 9 days - Athens / Ikaria & Samos Islands 




Airfare is not included:  

Q: Can I buy Airfare from The Travel Group?

A: YES. For your convenience and peace of mind, the Travel Group is pleased to offer you best fare airline tickets either in coach or in business class and those arrangements will be convenient for your escorted vacation. Please be aware that discounted tickets must be purchased when space is booked, --- and that they are then NON- REFUNDABLE. (The Travel Group can frequently offer business-class with substantial savings over the published rates.)

Airfare purchase is not part of this escorted vacation and that though we do not anticipate problems, should the trip be canceled, any and all air purchase restrictions will apply.  To avoid any potential problem, you might want to wait to the close of the program to purchase your airfare. To check convenient schedule and airline prices, please contact The Travel Group at



Q:How about using my frequent flyer mileage to get to and from this escorted vacation?

A: If you’d like to use frequent flyer mileage, we suggest that you consult with your provider immediately as space across the Atlantic gets tighter early every year and it would be a great idea to consult your provider about the details of your individual plan. A word of caution, experience has shown that airlines can change ‘frequent flyer bookings’ at the last minute often leaving you the traveler, with considerable delays. For this reason, if using your mileage, we strongly suggest that you arrive at least one day AHEAD of the escorted program and if you like, we will be happy to help you with a hotel for your stay. Please carefully read the

itinerary to know when you will arrive at the airport, etc., so you can coordinate your flight times with the program so there is little chance you will miss the included group transfer.



Q: Do I need a passport, and when should I get one.

A: Yes, you must have a valid passport to travel Internationally. You cannot travel without a valid passport - and it must be valid for a full six months beyond your return date. Important you check it out.  Should you travel with your passport a lot, ensure that you at least have a few pages available to stamp. U.S.A. Citizens currently do not need a visa for tourist purposes to enter and return from Greece.



Q What will our hotels be like?

A: Our hotels are all classified Average 3-star with a 2 star and 4 star hotel.These are always carefully chosen primarily for location, proximity to areas of interest, amenities and...value! Kindly be aware that most Indian hotel rooms are smaller than those here in the U.S. And that rooms in the same categories can vary widely both in size, amenities and view.

We have 3 choices of shared rooms: 
Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy.
Third person in a room.
Inquire for pricing on 3 to a room. 



Q: What is the difference between a ‘double’ room and a ‘twin’ room?

A: Either of these rooms is designed to accommodate two people. A twin-bedded room has two separate beds usually of a single size, and separate bed linens, although they might be in close proximity.



Q: What will our included meals be like?

A:  buffet breakfast is included each morning at the hotels. Dinners as indicated on the itinerary

Group members who are vegetarian or who may have food allergies are very welcome and, as we always do on all our tours, we will attempt to make arrangements for your needs. Lets us know your needs.



Q: Are there any physical conditions which apply to this trip?

A: Although this trip is not strenuous at all, tour members need to have the ability to fully participate in the logistics and activities of this program. Ability to walk, including up and down some inclines and stairs is essential. After all, in all Europe, the most charming historical and picturesque villages are built on hills and inclines. Ability to handle your luggage is essential. If you have ANY medical condition or situation which might even possibly affect your full enjoyment of this escorted vacation, you will be asked to indicate that on a separate sheet of paper to accompany your application. We ask this because an impediment to follow the group’s very leisurely pace may impinge on the enjoyment of others on the program and also on the work of the Tour Director, and so The Travel Group will discuss the advisability with you on a case-by-case basis.



Q: What is travel insurance and should I buy it?

A: Yes, absolutely. Travel insurance helps protect your money invested in the trip. Life is unpredictable. If you are forced to cancel or interrupt your trip because of sickness (you or  family member at home), death in the family, subpoena, jury duty, acts of terrorism, bankruptcy of an airline or one of several other serious occurrences, with a good travel insurance policy you may be able to recoup all monies invested in your trip. When you purchase travel insurance coverage within 14 days of your initial payment for the program - on certain policies only - pre-existing medical conditions may be accepted and covered in case of cancellations arising from it.  There is also the possibility of purchasing ‘riders’ which allow ‘cancellations for any reasons’ and ‘doubling the medical coverage’. See insurance applications and prospectuses available to you for complete details.  With Covid19 and Covid19 Restrictions and possible cancellation we highly suggest purchasing insurance.  Insurance also covers some medical expenses should you get hurt or sick on your trip. If you are over 60 we highly suggest the Plus version of Insurance for higher medical coverage and if needing evacuation back to the USA.  

Note: Although several different coverage's are available on the market, including inexpensive ones, The Travel Group  cautions you to adequately help protect your investment by purchasing only the most comprehensive coverage as experience has proven that this will give you the most protection and peace of mind. The Travel Group can provide you with a quote for Travel insurance and go over the benefits for you. 

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