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Company History

The Travel Group Inc. was started in l986 by Wally Sumner as a Travel Management, Consulting and Representation company specializing in the sale of travel to the South Pacific (New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti).

In 1988 we expanded our representation Services in Partnership with Networld a company that represented 35 Destination Management Companies (DMC's)Worldwide in New Jersey.

In 1998 we moved in a new direction and accepted as our only client an offer to Set up the North  American Operation for Air Tahiti Nui which was a new start up airline. This responsibility needed full time support and Wally assumed responsibility as Vice President North America. (The Travel Group continued running under the management of Linda Sumner a Trams Consultant.

In 2009 Wally returned to take the helm of the Travel Group as CEO again specializing in Travel Sales, Marketing  and Consulting with an emphasis on Clients Roadshows, Special Interest and Cruise Groups and customized  International travel. 

The Travel Group works in partnership with US1 Travel in Santa Monica Ca. a high end Retail Travel Host Agency.

Our travel professionals represent our clients and their products at trade shows, special sales events, marketing and travel training projects and seminars. The services we provide enable our clients the opportunity to achieve their sales and marketing objectives without the additional overhead, expense and liability.

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