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Want to earn free travel with your group or earn money promoting / referring groups  

Our Travel Programs offer you and your contacts the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals—other alumni, or members of your community, association, or club. They will share each unforgettable moment together at the very heart of a dream destination.

Benefits / Compensation

1.    Free Trip - If your main goal is to offer your family and friends an opportunity to join you on a group trip to the destination of your choice your compensation is a free trip.

2.    Commission - If you want to work with us promoting group travel you would be eligible to earn commissions (commissions vary depending on group size, destination and type). We work with net rates and create our own selling price which is competitive in the market place and enables us to pay our group travel promoters agreed upon commissions. Which are paid within 15 days of completion of the groups travel.  

3.    Repeat Business - Our Group Travel program generates repeat business. 95% of our travelers say they will travel with us again.  

4.    Personal assistance  -  As the Group Promoter you will work with a program coordinator to handle all operations and guide you through the process of developing your group and  reserving the trip.

5.    Personalized flyers -  We will create personalized, full-color flyers unique to your special interest contacts, associations, and organizations. You can send this material to potential group members to share with them and build excitement about joining the trip.  

6.    Website links -  We will also send you a URL specifically designed for your trip that you can send to your group members.

7.    Referral Fee – When you refer someone else that is interested in working with us to promote a group (minimum 10 passengers) you will receive a referral fee of $200.00 after group returns from trip.

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