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Any "Dream Vacation" you create

Organize Group Travel: Welcome


Any "Dream Vacation" you create

Planning a customized vacation package suitable for your group is complex. Its not just selecting dates and a destination. The Travel Group has been specializing in the development and customization of Special interest groups since 1986. We tailor make the group to meet your specific passion and interests We create a unique vacation experience that delivers value, insider knowledge and excellent customer service. We blend the highlights of a region into an itinerary that is focused on your special interest. Bringing you off the beaten path to deliver an itinerary full of special activities and sights to stimulate excitement and wonderful memories.
Designing, promoting and delivering a carefully planned custom tour requires time and expertise. Our Team has the know-how, the creative experience, and the practical insight needed. When it comes to custom group tours, We have valuable contracts, negotiating skills, important contacts and behind-the-scenes expertise. Our coordination and management of your group will be detailed, organized, and seamless. All of our endeavors are tailored to meet your unique requirements. We work closely with you to ensure that your objectives are met. Our focus is fixed on doing everything to ensure the trip’s success.

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The Travel Group will work closely with you to plan every detail of your trip, offer destination recommendations, help you market effectively to your contacts and database to ensure that your group trip comes together perfectly. The number of participants required for group consideration varies depending upon your travel plans. It can sometimes be as few as 10 participants or more.
As the group leader you promote to your clients and utilize your marketing sources. The Travel Group creates your personalized travel program and insures all operational details are handled. Once you reach your destination your group will be met by a local tour guide who assumes all responsibility for program. The sales and marketing efforts you put into getting tour participants  entitles you to travel for free.
Contact us so we can work with you and walk you through each step of putting together a successful program.
Traveling with others who have similar interests is rewarding and fun, it is also a fantastic way to create lasting friendships that you will always remember and cherish.  
Group vacations create a feeling of safety and companionship that is enhanced by exploring the exciting sights and cultures of the world.
Take the leap and let us let you create a journey that your group will never forget, and help you to “earn your free trip”
With your special interest in mind, we, as a group travel company, plan custom travel itineraries.
We arrange travel for groups or organizations representing any interest:
Examples of Customized Journeys
·         Family and Friends Reunions
·         Company meetings, Sales meetings and Conferences
·         School and Sports teams
·         Country Gardens of New Zealand
·         Culinary Highlights of Italy
·         Bordeaux, wine adventures
·         Villages and Palaces of the Rhine
·         Singles and Couples groups
·         Destination Weddings
·         Nordic Walking tours of Europe
·         Ski adventures
·         Yoga Retreats
·         Wellness program
·         Health and Fitness

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