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36 years of experience and knowledge handling incentive group travel

The Travel Group Inc has been providing Incentive Group travel to our clients since 1992. Our 36 years of experience and knowledge handling incentive group travel enable us to provide our clients with excellent programs and program satisfaction of their participants. 

“Regular Group Travel” provides an airline ticket, a hotel room and some sightseeing.

“An Incentive Group” creates “An Experience Never To Be Forgotten”.

All components of an incentive group are VIP, highly detailed and our planners provide the highest level of customer service from start of the program to its end. 

  1. Pre-check in at 5 star hotels

  2. Excellent Theme Events - Pirates of the Caribbean – Top Gun – Mash etc.

  3. Pillow gifts in rooms

  4. Many other small VIP amenities.

  5. Past Incentive Travel Programs we have handled.

-350 insurance trip winners to Sheraton Waikiki in Hawaii each year for 5 years.

-65 VIP Corporate Executives to Australia, 

-900 Insurance agents at the Phoenician and Princess Hotels in Scottsdale Arizona. 

-700 agents Montego Bay Jamaica International   
-Many domestic US Incentive Groups (SFO, LAX, PHX, DFW, NYC, SEA, etc.  

Incentive travel planners wear many hats. They are motivators, negotiators, event designers, risk managers, and overall travel trend experts. In today’s market our planners need special travel knowledge and skills like extra flexibility and creativity, to manage within a constant changing travel industry.

More companies are giving cruising serious consideration for their incentive programs because of the almost all-inclusive pricing.

The good news currently is that incentive travel still works. The Incentive Travel experience is a motivating one—and well worth all the effort put into each program. 

First and foremost, an incentive program is a means to an end—a strategy for achieving business goals. Our company works with our clients to insure they carefully consider what they want their incentive program to accomplish.  We design our incentive travel programs based on clients objectives. 

We consider how a program will be affected by the overall business environment, world events, economic factors and those of the competition.  A good incentive program should help to:

• Increase sales

• Win new customers • Increase market share

• Pump up productivity

• Boost morale

• Build customer loyalty

• Maintain business-to-business relationships.

A good incentive program creates realistic objectives, Turns problems into goals, increases sales and team work.

Incentive Group Travel: Service
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